[01/29/2015] - Three New Videos - Two Disc Golf & One Mountain Bike!

The last batch of videos from 2014 has been edited and uploaded. Two new disc golf videos on the Disc Golf Videos page and one new mountain bike video on the Miscellaneous page. I probably won't upload any more personal disc golf videos for a while as my main focus is now on my professional disc golf channel, Pure Hyzer Productions.

[12/03/2014] - Two New Disc Golf Vidoes!

I haven't updated my site in a whilc since my main focus has been on my new Professional Tournament Coverage Disc Golf channel, Pure Hyzer Productions. Check it out on YouTube!

That being said, I finally had some time to edit a couple of rounds my friend Andrew and I filmed at Sierra College (one of my favorite courses) back in August. Go to the Disc Golf Videos page to check them out!

[06/26/2014] - Three More Disc Golf Videos!

A few more videos have been added to the Disc Golf Videos page - three separate rounds at a 9-hole course called "The Brewing Lair". Dirt tees and no signs... but a cool little course nonetheless!

[05/18/2014] - New Disc Golf Video!

My friend Jake and I recorded a full round at one of my local Truckee courses, Sierra College. Unfortunately it was quite windy the day we decided to film... possibly the most windy conditions I've ever played this course in. Consequently, our scores aren't particularly impressive, but the video still shows how awesome the course is! Go to the Disc Golf Videos page to check it out!

[03/01/2014] - Three New Disc Golf Videos!

My nephew DJ and I recently recorded complete rounds on all three courses at Tom's Cliff Top. These courses are private and very remote. All players have to sign a liability waiver to play due to how steep and rocky the terrain is. The Blue course is a beginner 9-hole course, the Green course is intermediate, and the Red course is advanced... VERY advand. It's probably one of the most extreme disc golf courses in existence. Go to the Disc Golf Videos page to watch complete rounds on all 3 courses - 45 holes!

[12/10/2013] - New Disc Golf Video!

My friend Jake and I recorded a full round at the Zephyr Cove Disc Golf Course back in October, and I finally got around to editing it. Check it out on the Disc Golf Videos page!

[12/04/2013] - A Plethora of New Bike Videos from 2013!

The majority of these new videos are all chest-cam - recorded with GoPro's Chesty™ mount. 13 new videos from Mammoth, 5 from Northstar, and 2 Miscellaneous ones. I've also added two new bike videos to the Normal Mountain Bike Videos page. A short collection of clips from 2013, simply titled "Mountain Biking 2013", and a really old bike video I made in 2004 and recently stumbled upon by accident, titled "Ojai Disorder" - you'll have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find it.

[07/04/2013] - New Video Section: Disc Golf!

Yep, a new page with a video of a full 18-hole round of disc golf at Squaw Valley! Head to the new Disc Golf Videos page to see what this epic course is all about.

[02/07/2013] - New Song: "Metamorph"

Slightly less than one year after my previous song "Crystal Cavern" was completed I finally have another one finished. This one features some subtle guitar parts by my friend Andrew Hodgson. I was already nearly finished with this song when we decided to try out the idea of adding guitar, so there aren't too many guitar parts and most of them are pretty buried in the mix, but we hope to collaborate on more songs in the future in which Andrew's contributions will hopefully be more prominant. Go to the Music page to check it out!

[05/17/2012] - New Mountain Bike Videos - Bootleg Canyon 2012!

My friends and I recently took a trip to Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City, Nevada. Riding every day for nearly a week, a ton of new footage was captured. Eleven complete runs captured with my GoPro HD Hero using the Chesty mount have been added to the Bootleg Canyon Helmet-cam Videos page.

More importantly, two new videos have also been added to the Normal Mountain Bike Videos page. One of them is a short video of a very technical feature at bootleg - "The Hourglass", and the other is a complete run on Bootleg's hardest trail, Ginger. Enjoy!

[02/16/2012] - New Song: "Crystal Cavern"

After a 3-year hiatus from music production I've finally started up again. So far I have only one track completed for my next album or EP, but I hope to keep it up and write more! This new song, Crystal Cavern, is quite different from anything I've written before. At 110 bpm it's a little slow for Trance, but a little fast for Downtempo... on top of that it has three very distinct and different movements - a break-beat intro, a slow-trance middle section, and a downtempo outro. Go to the Music page to give it a listen!

[11/29/2011] - New Mountain Bike Videos!

Two new chest-cam videos have been added to the Misc. Helmet-cam Videos page. Go check'em out!

[08/23/2011] - New Mountain Bike Videos - Northstar at Tahoe!

Five new chest-cam videos have been added to the Northstar Helmet-cam Videos page. Four complete runs on various trails as well as one partial run on Boondocks which ends in a minor crash that broke my rear brake cable. Enjoy! :-P

[05/11/2011] - New Trials HD Videos - Ninja Tracks!

I've added a bunch of new replays to the Trials HD section on the Console Games page - nearly all of them "Ninja" tracks - an unofficial difficulty beyond Extreme, which is the hardest In-Game difficulty.

[04/23/2011] - New Snowboard Video!

I've only been snowboarding for a few months now and I certainly can't do anything impressive, but it's nearing the end of snowboard season so I thought a video would be fun just to show how much I've progressed since November of 2010. This video features myself, my friend Mac, and my niece Marcy. Go to the new Snowboard Videos page to check it out! As with other recent videos, you can stream it in 720p or download it in 1080p.

[04/20/2011] - Malachyte - Protostar EP officially released!

Protostar EP

My four Malachyte tracks that were written between 2007 and 2009 are now finally officially released as an EP! Read more about it on the Music page where you can buy it on CD or download it for free!

[04/15/2011] - New Trials HD Videos - More Custom Tracks!

I've recorded another batch of replays for custom tracks from Trials HD, including a bunch of Extreme tracks and two Ninja [Level 1] tracks. Check them all out on the Console Games page.

[03/24/2011] - New Muni Video!

A new Muni video has been added to the Unicycle Videos page - Pratt Trail in Ojai, Ca. Once again you can stream in 720p or download in 1080p. Enjoy!

[03/15/2011] - New Trials HD Videos!

With the release of the relatively new expansion pack for Trials HD the total platinum medal count went up from 95 to 141. I've posted the replays of my platinum runs on the 46 new tracks on the Consol Games page. Go check them out!

[12/24/2010] - Merry Christmas!!! SEVEN New Bike Vidoes to celebrate!

Just in time before the new year I'm finally completely caught up on editing and uploading all the Mountain Bike and Unicycle footage that's accumulated throughout 2009 & 2010. This final batch of uploads for the year includes two new videos found on the Normal Mountain Bike Videos page, and five new helmet-cam videos on the Misc. Helmet-cam Videos page. Technically, a few of the Helmet-cam videos are actually "Chest-cam" or "Handlebar-cam" vidoes, but as far as I'm concerned they belong in the same place.

The "Secret Areas A & B: 2010 Highlights" video (found on the Normal Mountain Bike Videos page) is truly epic. I suggest you at least check this one out if you don't have time for all of them. :-D

In other news, I've recently taken up snowboarding, but I don't feel like I'm really good enough yet to start recording and uploading videos... maybe I'll record a few things before the snow melts towards the end of the season, but I'm hoping that at least by next winter I'll be good enough to get some descent footage and add a new catagory of videos to my Hobbies/Sports page. ;-)

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

[12/14/2010] - Another New Mountain Bike Video!

Yet another new helmet-cam video has been added. This is the first of many to come in the Northstar at Tahoe bike park, which is about 15 minutes away from where I now live! Go to the Northstar Helmet-cam Videos page to check it out!

[12/03/2010] - New Mountain Bike Video!

A new helmet-cam video has been added to the Misc. Helmet-cam Videos page - Tyrolean Downhill trail in Incline Village, Nevada.

[12/01/2010] - New Muni Video!

A new Muni video has been posted to the Unicycle videos page! Earlier this year I went with my friends Lincoln and Brian to Muni the Cold Springs trail in Santa Barbara, Ca. You can stream this video in 720p or download it in 1080p! :-D

[11/11/2010] - New Mountain Bike Video!

A new helmet-cam video has been added to the Misc. Helmet-cam Videos page - Cold Springs trail in Santa Barbara Ca.

[11/06/2010] - New Mountain Bike & Console Game Videos!

Massive update alert!

First and foremost - My girlfriend and I recently moved from Ojai, California up to Truckee, California. We now live 10 minutes from Northstar where I can Downhill Mountain Bike on a regular basis during the summer, and hopefully start Snowboarding regularly during the winter as well! There are a ton of amazing local mountain bike trails around Truckee too, so I'm stoked that I'll finally be able to ride on a regular basis rather than just a few times a year!

I've restructured the Hobbies/Sports area of the site by adding more subcategories to separate Unicycle videos, Normal Mountain Bike videos, and Helmet-Cam Mountain Bike videos. And since my library of Helmet-Cam videos is expanding rapidly, I've split them into separate pages for different bike parks and locations as well.

That being said, three new videos have been added to the Normal Mountain Bike videos page, and one of them is duplicated on the Unicycle page since it contains Mountain Biking as well as Unicycling. Note that one of the three videos is not new footage - just an old gem that had been sitting around for many years... scroll to the bottom of the page to find it. ;-)

I've also added TEN new Helmet-Cam videos to the Mountain Biking/Helmet-Cam/Mammoth page - almost 3 hours total! My nephew Jonas and I took a trip to Mammoth back in July and we got a LOT of helmet-cam footage. :-D

Last but not least I've added 59 new custom track replays from Trials HD to the Console Games page. One is a replay of my own custom track titled "Malachyte's Revenge". The rest are replays of me playing other people's custom tracks.

Finally I should note that I still have a lot of Mountain Bike footage to edit and upload, as well as a little Unicycle footage. Expect more videos soon!

[04/26/2010] - New Console Game Videos - Trials HD!

Back in January I invested a measly $20 in an amazing Xbox 360 Arcade game, "Trials HD". I recently aquired my 95th and final Platinum Medal in said game, and I have just uploaded replays of all 95 of my Platinum runs. Go to the Console Games page to check them out!

[01/13/2010] - New HD Mountain Bike videos!

I recently invested in a GoPro HD Hero Helmet-cam (Get yours here!), and took a trip with my friends Lincoln and Lawrence Clevenson to Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City, Nevada. We filmed four separate runs with it, and all four are up for viewing on the Hoobies/Sports page! Go check 'em out! :-D

[12/08/2009] - New Mountain Bike and Drum videos!

I've uploaded two really long Helmet-cam mountain bike videos for two trails in Santa Barbara, California - Tunnel and San Ysidro. Check them out on the Hobbies/Sports page! I've also added a new Guitar Hero FC video using my new Roland TD9-SX V-Drums - "Lay Down" by Priestess in Guitar Hero: Smash Hits. Check it out on the Console Games page!

[03/04/2009] - New Song: "Canopy Of Sound"!!

I had the first couple of minutes of this song sitting around for over a year, and I finally took the time to sit down and finish it! This is my first downtempo track written under my Malachyte alias. Go to the Music page to listen!

[02/26/2009] - New Video Log on YouTube! First Episode is up!!

Well, I've decieded to start doing a video log on YouTube about my day-to-day life. This will include updates on my own music production, my music collection, my mountain bike and unicycle hobbies, my video game hobbies, as well as my reptile and amphimian hobbies! Click here to watch the first epidode! Be sure to subscribe!

[02/17/2009] - New Console Game videos!

I've added a ton of new Console Game videos including a bunch of awesome replays from the Monkey Ball game series. In addition there are some Guitar Hero Setlist scrolls as well as other miscellaneous proof videos. Go to the Console Games page to check them all out!

[02/11/2009] - New Song: "Protostar"!

My third completed Malachyte track is a bit different from the first two - "Twisted Forest" and "Toad". While these two songs focused on earthy and organic sounds of a more tribal nature, "Protostar" has a much more space-type feel, hence the name. While this song definitely still qualifies as Goa Trance it falls at the other end of the spectrum and is just an indicator of the wide range of styles that my upcoming Malachyte album will have! As always, please go to the Music page to give it a listen!

[01/15/2009] - New Mountain Bike and Mountain Unicycle videos!

I've just uploaded a new Mountain Bike video with all of the footage my friends and I shot in 2007 and 2008, as well as a brand new Mountain Unicycle video shot last month with the Santa Barbara Unicycle group! Go to the Hobbies/Sports page to check them out!

[12/12/2008] - New Song: "Toad" and New console game videos!

It's about time... that's all I have to say! My first completed song since April 21st, 2007. This is my 2nd song written in my new Malachyte style. Having several pet toads myself I thought it would be fun to try to express a primal toad-like energy through a song. Go to the Music page to give it a listen! I've also added some new console game videos: Platinum runs on every level in the classic Nintendo 64 game, Blast Corps. Go to the Console Games page to check them out - You may just notice that "Toad" shows up in a few of them! ;-)

[11/08/2008] - New Flash game videos and pictures!

I've added a whole bunch of new Flash game vidoes and pictures; 99% of them being every N user level I've ever completed. These videos will all be up on YouTube very soon to help direct traffic to my site! You can check them all out in the Hobbies: Games section!

[10/31/2008] - New Mountain bike video from Matt McCulloch!

I'll be adding more of my own mountain bike and unicycle videos in the near future. I have lots of footage which has been piling up over the last few years which I plan to edit and post soon. For now I've posted an awesome Helmet-cam POV video from my friend Matt riding the trail "Snakeback" in Bootelg Canyon, Nevada. Go to the Hobbies section to check it out!

[10/20/2008] - Video Games section is up!

Well, it's been nearly a year since I've updated my site, and what a year it has been. Friday, 10/17/2008 was my last day as an employee of; starting tomorrow I will be doing contract editing from home. Over the last year I've spent too much time playing video games and not enough time writing music, but hopefully this major change in my work schedule and environment will allow all of that to change. I will no longer be working from 9am to 6pm in a depressing, windowless hallway, and since I can now make my own hours I will no longer be restricted by the fact that inspiration seems to come to me only between the hours of 11pm and 6am. However, I figured since video games have always been a significant part of my life I might as well post some of my video game accompishments here on my site. Currently the only things that are posted are my Guitar Hero FCs, but expect more pictures and videos in the near future. You can go to the Hobbies section to check out the new Video Games page, or simply click here.

[10/30/2007] - is off the ground!

That's right, I've finally taken the time to sit down and do the necessary work to transition from to Hopefully this will inspire me to start writing some more Malachyte tracks! The site isn't totally complete yet; I still need to add a background and a few other artistic details, but it's functional enough for now...

Listen to my track titled "Twisted Forest" if you are curious to hear what the new Malachyte sound is all about!

[09/26/2007] - Trip Euphoria Records is up!

Earlier this year, my friends and I decided to start a new music label promoting unique and creative Psychedelic Trance. Although it still needs some work, our website is finally up! Go on, check it out: We are currently searching for talented artists to join our team, so please feel free to send us plenty of demos!

[05/27/2007] - From Ignite to Malachyte...

I have decided to release my four tracks, Asteroid, Aquatica, Cryptic Power, and Elusive Dreams as an EP titled "Cryptic Power EP", and end the Ignite project for good. This EP will be available on the iTunes music store soon. "Twisted Forest" marks my first release as "Malachyte", and this is the project I will be focusing on in the future. A Malachyte website will be coming soon! Once the design is done, will automatically redirect to, but don't worry, all of my Ignite songs will still be available on the new site. Check the "Music" page for more details on the Cryptic Power EP.

[04/21/2007] - New song: "Twisted Forest"!

The fifth song towards my next album has finally been completed! For those of you who have become acustomed to my typical melodic trance style, be warned! This song ventures below the surface of trance music and deep into the forest... Go to the Music page to hear it.

[12/20/2006] - Track of the Day award at!

I won the Track of the Day award at for my song Cryptic Power! In other news, I now have a garageband page. To check it out, click here: Ignite at, or simply click on the GarageBand link in the links section to the right.

[11/28/2006] - New song: "Cryptic Power"!

The fourth song towards my upcoming album, and my longest song yet, Cryptic Power, has been uploaded. Go to the "Albums" page to check it out. Be sure to go to the "Contact" page to email me and tell me what you think of this new song!

[11/23/2006] - "Nocturne" is now available on CD Baby and iTunes!

Click here to go to my album page on Click here to go to my album page in the iTunes music store.

[10/10/2006] - I am now a member of Twisted Sessions!

Twisted Sessions is a site run by the label Twisted, owned by Simon Posford. Simon is the mastermind behind projects such as Hallucinogen and Shpongle. Most of the songs you will find on my Twisted Sessions page are available here as well, but one track, "Legend", is exclusive. Check it out, and please take the time to rate my songs too! Click here to go to my page:

[09/21/2006] - Elusive Dreams updated!

I decided that the violin solo at 5:20 in Elusive Dreams could stand to be different from the melody that the lead synth plays throughout the song, so I composed a new part, recorded it, and replaced the old one. If you have already downloaded Elusive Dreams, be sure to replace your now out-of-date version with this final version. In any case, at least go to the "Albums" section to check it out.

[08/24/2006] - New song: "Elusive Dreams"!

Elusive Dreams, the third track for my upcoming album has now been completed. Go to the "Albums" section to check it out. Be sure to check out the other two songs for my upcoming album as well.

[04/29/2006] - Hobbies section is up!

The "Hobbies" section is no longer under construction! Check it out for some killer mountain bike and unicycle videos!

[04/16/2006] - Website up and running...

As of now, the "Hobbies" section is still under construction. Check back often for news, more music, and videos!